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President & Brand Director


That silhouette in the window on the second floor, as you drive past 4916 Liberty at any time of day or night, is probably Dan, putting the finishing touches on a marketing plan, tweaking an identity or innovating a new product.  Since 1980, he’s touched up, tweaked and innovated for over 500 companies and pontificated about the value of design, accountability and branding in countless journals, international conferences and bars. He also served as an Adjunct Professor of Design Management at Carnegie Mellon University where he founded the nation’s first program in multidisciplinary product development (now a graduate program) and directed the Design for Business Project. He’s been recognized for design and marketing excellence in the U.S. and abroad including the Designers Choice Award (I.D. Magazine, Best of U.S. from Abitare (Italy), and many Daphne, Hermes and Marcom awards. In 1996, Dan was recognized as one of seven outstanding design alumni of Harvard University, his alma mater, at the 25th anniversary of Carpenter Center for Visual Arts. His clients have also received 15 “Marketer of the Year” awards, granted by the American Marketing Association, more than any other marketing firm in America.


Reach Dan, ddroz@droz.com

DROZ     Q & A


Who are your heroes?

People who work hard to be really good at something.


Where do you feel most happy?

Building something in a wood shop.


Who are your favorite writers?

M.F.K. Fisher, S.J. Perelman, Montaigne, Dickens, John Cheever and anyone who writes me letters.


What qualities do you most admire in others?

Honesty. Tolerance for uncertainty. Respect for subtlety. Sense of humor.


What is your favorite quote?

"Failure is the Mother of Invention." - Author Unknown