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Expand Your Brandwidth



Challenge: UPMC Health Plan has developed an aggressive marketing strategy to position their program against major competitors. One of the most important elements is the open enrollment packet. Because many corporations offer a choice of plans, UPMC Health Plan needed a fully branded system of materials that was easy to understand and not overwhelming.


Solution: The solution involved making enrollment easier by:

1.  Defining a Preferred Reading Sequence (PRS)

2. Designing a branded literature system that allowed prospects to experience the benefits of UPMC Health Plan


The core communication piece was a summary of the program and its benefits. To ensure the prospect would follow the PRS, we created a die-cut Overview piece, highlighting the 8 critical reasons to choose the UPMC Health Plan and the steps to enroll.


Results: A simplified and streamlined enrollment packet that reinforces the UPMC Health Plan brand and positions UPMC Health Plan as the plan of choice.

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