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Challenge: CDS, a private K-8 parochial school, faced decling enrollment and increased competition for students and quality faculty. Although it had many strengths, they had not been articulated. In addition, its communications materials, prepared in-house, were inconsistent and dated. A clear differentiation strategy was needed.


Solution: Building on its existing brand equity, Droz created a new brand name, Community Day, and accompanying logo representing the school's mascot, the Lion. In addition, a differentiating tag line, Making Each Day Matter, expressed a new vision that gave added meaning to its cirriculum and programming. The new brand was integrated into a website, a flexible, on-demand collateral system and a variety of applications such as interior signage and apparel.


Results: The new brand helped to create a revitalized "Community," where students and faculty became more connected and vocal about the benefits of attending the school. Enrollment applications increased and a new spirit of cooperation is evident. In addition, in-house publications are produced and delivered online, with increased ease of use, speed of completion and lower cost.

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