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Challenge: AWI is the world's largest certifying agency for the commercial production and installation of offices and other commercial facilities. However, only a small percentage of architectural woodworkers chose to participate in the program, as they saw no benefit of certification.


Approach: In researching the market, we found that woodworkers did not see value because architects weren't specifying that projects needed to be certified. Without specification, there was no teeth in the certification program.


Solution: Reposition and rebrand the certification program as a necessary requirement for the manufacture and installation of medical and commercial interiors by influencing both the architects/specifiers of these projects as well as the producers and vendors, based on the premise that "Your Repuation Depends on Certification." We also rebranded the Quality Certification Program as the "Q" program.


Results: Over 350% increase in certification registrations and recognition as the leading certifying agency in the world.

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